Fund Management

Fund Management

Set-up and invest through funds under one profile.

Capital Calls

Notify investors of a capital call. Venture360 provides a quick, secure way for investors to send in funds.

Fund Tracking

Track how much has been committed or is remaining within the fund.


Portfolio Management

Investors can log in any time for a complete picture of their portfolio performance.

Cap Table Management

Portfolio companies can make changes in one place to update all investors regarding any change in capitalization.


Investor Management

Investors complete profiles including investment preference, industry experience, backgrounds, Linkedin profiles, etc. This information can be sorted and searched.

Investor-only files like K-1s can be securely uploaded to an investor profile for access anytime.

Membership fees or anything else can be securely paid by creating an invoice through V360, which the investor can pay using our third-party transfer agent. This is free for the investor.

Investors can be grouped into any subgroup needed, i.e. location, investment preferences, screening committee, etc.

Portfolio Communication

Request porfolio updates from company contact in one click.

Deal Screening™ & Due Diligence

Smart Deal Screening™

Our customizable scoring platform let’s our software do most of the work of weeding through all of your applications, so you can get to your short list of fundable deals sooner.

Full Due Diligence Customization & Support

Our proprietary Venture360 Smart Screening system provides investors with a customizable solution to understanding all of the many data points to be analyzed in a deal through due diligence. Our system will provide a visual road map of understanding all of this info in a quick snapshot graph, allowing you to focus your due diligence deep dives into potential problem. This info is provided by the entrepreneur and can be easily shared with your co-investment partners.

Document Repository

Upload due diligence documents for easy access and review. Documents can be uploaded for entrepreneur view or investor only view.

Deal Notes

Analysts can add any additional notes for investors.

Due Diligence Report

Compile due diligence into an easy to read report with graphical representation of deal scores. This report can be printed for meetings.

Deal Closing

Document Closing

Venture360 automates every step of the deal closing process.


Electronically sign all documents.

Funds Transfer

Transfer funds quickly and securely using a third-party fund transfer system.

Customizable Tracking Metrics

Choose any information you want to track to gauge overall company performance, i.e.users, jobs, etc.


Closed deals automatically are populated in the portfolio.

Deal Process Steps


The deal pipeline is designed to organize deals moving through your process. Folders include: In Process applications, applications ready for review, due diligence, companies presenting and deals open for commitments, as well as, those companies either deferred or rejected.


Customize an application to gather just the relevant information you need first.

Deal Flow Management

Keep track of what steps each potential investment needs next with your deal flow pipeline. Investors can follow deals, commit funds, and custom sort deals all through the pipeline.

Collaboration, Communication & Voting

Company profile pages provide a place to have discussions with the entrepreneurs and share documents or do it privately among just investors.

Deal Sharing

Deal Sharing

Document Sharing & Syndication

Easily control, share and track your secure documents.

Deal Sharing & Syndication

Share your deals with other individual investors or groups and track the deal’s funding progress. The Smart Screening due diligence system makes it easy to get everyone up to speed on a deal very quickly.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Accounting & Bookkeeping (includes K-1s and taxes)

Venture360 can perform all bookkeeping, payroll and taxes for portfolio companies for $500/month.

Integrated Quickbooks Functionality

Portfolio companies can link their Quickbooks account for seamless financial reporting. Venture360 will automatically pull in and analyze P&L and B/S statements.

Performance Tracking

Dashboard, Group Portfolio, Investor Overview and Company Overview sections all provide snapshots of performance.



Investor Communication

Set many different communication options through Venture360 to keep investors engaged.

Emails sent via V360 can be sent to groups, users, investors, company contacts or any grouping or variation of these. If an email is sent to an investor regarding a certain company, the email is stored in both the investor’s profile and the company’s profile for easy communication references.

Portfolio Communication

Request porfolio updates from company contact in one click.

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