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The future of the private equity world is starting to take shape, and at it’s center is Crowdfunding.

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Here are the Steps to Building Your Platform.

Step 1

Build your online community.

  • Venture360 is white-labeled, so our platform looks like your platform.
  • Your main website will serve as marketing and promotion then Venture360 provides links to place on your main website that send the users to either login to their account, register to invest, or apply to be listed for funding within your private Venture360 account.
  • We also offer single sign-on capabilities, so if the user signs into your website, they will automatically gain access to your Venture360 account.
  • You control who has access, under what terms (this is where you need to talk to a good attorney about SEC regulations around equity funding), and what companies are listed as investment opportunities.

Step 2

Manage your deal pipeline.

You decide which companies will be visible to registered investors as investment opportunities. Companies complete profiles, can take custom applications, or upload any requested documents for review. Our deal rooms provide a simple, interactive way of reviewing information.


Step 3

Taking Commitments.

After investors securely login to review deal rooms and ask the company questions, they can then make commitments to invest.


Step 4

Closing Investments

Venture360 provides fully-electronic closings. Once all commitments are in, investment terms are recorded, funding entities can be formed, invoices are sent with payment instructions (we also provide an integrated payment transfer options), closing documents are uploaded for electronic signature, and the progress of all moving parts is tracked until the round is closed. At which time the round automatically gets reported to the company cap table and is stored in the investor’s portfolio in their profile.


Step 5

Investor reporting.

One of the biggest headaches for anyone managing any type of investment network is the record keeping. Well, until they become a Venture360 client, that is.

Because Venture360’s software actually processes the transaction, we automatically report back to all parties involved through their investor profiles.

In addition, we have amazing tools for companies to use to report back to their investors using metrics, linked financials, and custom reports.


The future awaits! Let’s build it together.