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Fund Management

Managing funds just got a lot easier using Venture360. Track investor accounts, effortlessly make capital calls and distributions by clicking one button, and have the latest in portfolio information at your finger tips. Venture360 assists in the compliance of FAS157 as well as the reporting requirements for SEC registered funds.

Smart Screening™

Our Smart Screening application allows investors to set minimum funding criteria and apply custom scoring metrics to new applications.

Due Diligence Support Tools

Venture360 provides a scoring system completed by entrepreneurs to help assess where to focus additional diligence, provide a simple way of understanding and sharing due diligence information between investor groups, and helping entrepreneurs better prepare for the due diligence process.

Electronic Signatures and Fund Transfers

Venture360 provides one place to upload any documents for easy electronic execution by all funding parties and allows investors to send money for free through our secure funds transfer system. All funding information is stored in the company deal room for later access.

Portfolio Tracking

Complete portfolio performance at your fingertips. Understanding company performance is more than changes in capitalization, so Venture360 can be customized to track anything from user traction to job creation. In addition, our Quickbooks integration allows Venture360 to quickly pull financial statements from portfolio companies.

Accounting Services

As part of our commitment to make investor reporting as easy as possible for portfolio companies, the Venture360 team will perform bookkeeping, payroll and tax filing services for a substantially discounted rate of $500/month.


Save Time

Venture360 covers every step of the private investment process including screening, closing and tracking. Say goodbye to time consuming manual reports—investors and administrators have anytime access to all account and investment information in one place.


Save Money

Venture360’s complete platform solution includes eSignatures, funds transfers, and reporting for one low monthly subscription. Venture360 assists in the compliance of FAS157 as well as the reporting requirements for SEC registered funds.


Win / Win

When your investors are informed and engaged, they will invest more money. This is a win/win for everyone.

Client Testimonials

Venture360 is helping angel groups manage the work flow involved in screening, closing and tracking private investments. We are pleased to partner with them to bring great value to our members.

Venture360 is an ACA Partner

Marianne Hudson
Director Angel Capital Association

Venture360 has streamlined every part of our process managing hundreds of investors and a rapidly growing portfolio. Our investors love being able to log into one system to review deals, commit funds, sign docs, send money, and understand how their portfolio is performing. It really is game changing!

Eric Dobson
CEO Angel Capital Group

We have assessed many platforms for angel investors and we have not seen any that are as angel investor centric as Venture360. In our opinion, the features and benefits of Venture360 make it the only platform to meet the needs of the individual angel investors, while simultaneously meeting the needs of the angel fund. From the deal flow pipeline, to actual fund management, to the exit—it is all there. Going forward all new RAIN Funds will use Venture360.

Steve Mercil,
Rain Source Capital

Venture360 allows our portfolio company investors to efficiently access information on their investments including transaction records and progress updates. It lets them quickly see the details of individual investments and their overall portfolio value growth. In addition, the built-in digital signature and electronic funds transfer features can improve the transaction efficiency on both they buy and sell side. The Venture360 software is a valuable time saver and shareholder communications enhancement tool.

Dr. Calvin Goforth
Chief Executive Officer & Founder of VIC Technology Venture Development

Venture360's ability to manage a complex and robust deal pipeline while simultaneously making it nearly effortless for our hundreds of Angel Investors is the key to our success.

Gavin McCulley
CEO — AffiniFunds

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